Reading and Writing Tools for Academic English
by Eoin Jordan and Andy Snyder

Links to versions of Marking Mate:

Marking Mate - Standard Version
Use this version of Marking Mate to check your writing for language and style problems before you submit it to your tutor. Marking Mate works best with academic writing (such as essays and reports) of more than 200 words.

Marking Mate - Timed Writing Task 1
Marking Mate - Timed Writing Task 2
Use these versions of Marking Mate to practice your timed writing. You will be given a topic to write about within a time limit. Once your time has run out, Marking Mate will give you feedback on your work.

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Links to other tools:

Randomized Checklist Vocabulary Size Test
This tool will help you to find out what your vocabulary size is.

Randomized Checklist Academic Word List Test
This tool will help you to check how much of the Academic Word List (AWL) you know.

Reading Mate
This tool will help you to find out if reading texts are the right level of difficulty for you. It will also help you to understand texts by highlighting and listing important vocabulary and words you are not likely to know. You should check your vocabulary size with the 'Randomized Checklist Vocabulary Size Test' (linked above) before using Reading Mate.

Academic Source Searcher
This tool will help you to search for sources that are acceptable to use in an academic writing assignment.

Internet Source Checker
This tool will help you to check if a source that you found on the internet is suitable to use in an academic assignment.

Theodore - The Thesis Statement Tutor
Theodore is an Artificial Intelligence tutor who can help you write a thesis statement for your report. After that you can ask him any questions you wish about thesis statements.

Sentence Error Correction Game
This game will help you to practice your sentence-level proofreading skills. You will be shown some sentences which have errors in them, then you have guess how a teacher has rephrased each sentence to correct the errors. However, every time you make a wrong guess, you lose a life...

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