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Randomized Checklist AWL Test

This test is designed for learners of English to check how much of the AWL (Academic Word List) they know. The words on the AWL are often used in academic texts, so learning them should help with academic reading and listening. Many of these words are also very useful for describing academic concepts, and using them in written assignments or spoken presentations may result in a more formal, academic tone.

To take the test, select the words on each page for which you know at least one meaning. After you have finished, you will be given a score, as well as a list of the words you did not know. It is recommended that you use this list to study and improve your knowledge of AWL words. The test also includes some items that are not real English words; if you select these items then your result may not be reliable. The content of this test is different every time, and it is recommended that your repeat the test regularly until you are confident that you know all of the AWL words.

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